Potato Comfort Soup Style

Soups are one of the most popular comfort foods. As winter approaches, all you need is a bowl of warm soup to give your body all its energy.

Hot and succulent soups beat the cold wave simply with its steam. Soups can be made with meat, chicken and seafood that provide the necessary protein in the form of broth, which is the main or complementary ingredient. Vegetables, herbs and spices that contain vitamins and antioxidants enrich the soup with its medicinal properties. In fact, soups rich in herbs and ingredients are often prescribed to patients who can cure their illness. That’s why chicken soup and vegetable soup are often given to people with colds and flu.

Broths are usually prepared by boiling specific ingredients that may be suitable for your soup recipes. To make chicken soup, boil the whole chicken, its bones or only part of the chicken. Vegetables such as onion, carrots, ginger and garlic can also be added to broth for added flavour. Similarly, beef, fish and vegetable broths can be prepared. Other ingredients that can be added to the whole soup include pasta or noodles, which are Asian soups of a common style.

Soup recipes are generally thin and quite watery. However, to make them a little richer, you can try using thick, creamy soups. Its examples are artichokes, vegan broccoli cauliflower and peas. Nut soups are also available, such as African peanut and chestnut soups.

The vegetables that can be used in soup recipes are carrots, eggplants, cauliflowers, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and beans that help you make perfect soup recipes. Some of their ingredients are seasonal while rest is available throughout the year, these soups can be made in bulk and then frozen.

Some may think that vegetable soup is not a substantial meal, but it really is! In addition, vegetable soup is an excellent dish to make in bulk, as it freezes so well, and can be used for a quick lunch or dinner. Eating good food is everyone’s choice and choosing the best is very important.

Chicken noodle soup is very popular because it is made with simple egg noodles, which is its important ingredient. Egg noodles can be used in dry form or cooked in boiling water.

Easy Chicken Stock Soup

The soul of any soup is its broth. If you have a weak broth or broth, you will have a weak soup, regardless of the quality of the other ingredients. With so many decent broths and broths available in stores, why should you make your own? For me, this can be summed up in three simple reasons. First of all, I can control the amount of fat and salt and end up with healthier stock. Second, I can use ingredients from other meals. Thirdly, and most importantly, it simply tastes better. When was the last time you heard someone say “it’s too tasty”?

A good chicken broth starts with simple ingredients. Of course, you will need chicken bones and cartilage. This can come from a roasted chicken or purchased as is. You can add meat if you want, but it is the bones and connective tissue that will add the most flavor.

In addition to chicken, you will need aromatic vegetables, the classic choices being carrots, onions, and celery. Leek, fennel root and parsnip are other vegetables I like to use. And I almost always add a clove of garlic or two. Regardless of which ones you choose, they should be coarsely chopped, not too small.

The last ingredients to choose are herbs and spices. It is best to use fresh, whole herbs where you can. Thyme, sage, parsley, oregano, and bay are my usual choices. To make your life easier, use butcher’s string to bind the herbs into a bundle and attach the other end of the string to one of the handles of the jar or to a wooden spoon. This will allow you to remove it easily. The last spice to add is peppercorn, which you can simply add. One thing I don’t add is salt because I can always add it to the recipes in which I use the broth.

One wonders if chicken bones should be roasted before they are used to make broth. Honestly, there’s only a small difference in taste, so I don’t think it’s worth roasting the bones. However, if the chicken was already roasted, you won’t have to make that effort. It is true that the bones of a whole roast will have lost some of their flavor, but the quality of the flavor of the roast will compensate for this.

When you have all your ingredients in a soup pot, add just enough cold water to submerge the ingredients. It is very important that the water is cold, because different organic molecules will be extracted at different temperatures. A slow increase in temperature gives time for this extraction to occur.

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