What To Do With Left Over Foods

After a big party or a festive dinner, deciding what to do with a table full of leftovers may not be the main concern, but it is an important aspect of the party. It’s certainly a shame to waste good food, but letting leftovers linger without temperature control can be dangerous.

Any food left out for more than two hours is sensitive to the growth of harmful bacteria and must be eliminated. This applies to any part of the meal and is especially important if your leftovers have been left outside by the summer heat. This applies to both cold and hot foods, so be sure to serve the food immediately before the meal and store everything outside as soon as the meal ends.

Bacteria grow between 41 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit – this is called the “danger zone” temperature for food storage. As soon as the food reaches this area, bacteria start to grow immediately, so the less time you spend in this area, the safer the food is.

Pack it up! Pack it up!

How to manage what is left?

– Keep only food that you know has been handled safely and has not been contaminated by double soaking or by many hands that have picked it. If it was found in your garden, get rid of it.

– Be honest by assessing what you are likely to eat in the next three to four days. Although no one likes to throw food away, it is not worth keeping it in your refrigerator and eventually throwing it away anyway. If you want to save them, freeze them immediately.

– Make sure you store food properly. Pack meat separately from vegetables and cereals. Write on the storage containers or bags the names of the items and the dates on which they were packaged, as well as a expiry date, so that you can know what to use them for and when.

– Cool all food completely before storing. Make sure your refrigerator is working to keep food cold enough, preferably not more than 40 degrees. You can help keep the temperature constant by not overcharging the refrigerator, which compromises its efficiency – another reason to be demanding on how much you save!

– When reheating, the remains must reach a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 seconds to kill the bacteria. It is best to do this on the stove or in the oven, as microwaves do not heat uniformly and some areas can be heated properly and others are not heated enough. Be sure to use a thermometer to check the temperature, removing food from the heat source before checking to see if you are getting an accurate reading and that you are not just measuring the temperature of your heat source!

In conclusion

By storing your leftovers safely, you not only avoid wasting delicious food, but you also avoid the growth of harmful bacteria and limit your exposure to foodborne illness. Hot or cold food should not be left outdoors for more than 2 hours. Be selective about what you decide to save, and make sure you consume it within two days.

Advantages of Ordering Food Online

A few months ago, I thought about eating fried chicken, so I went to the local restaurant. It was a normal Wednesday, but I had to wait 40 minutes to order. I was very hungry and anyone in my position would have been irritated. I had to answer because I had made the payment. The chicken in the crown no longer met my appetite, but it was a real disaster.

From that day on, I made a commitment never to go to a restaurant for my meals again. But the interesting thing is that I can enjoy my chicken sitting at home. You must be wondering that after this incident, I became a chef. I’m not really against cooking, except for bread, omelet and sandwiches.

Now to the main part: how can I bring the dining experience to my door? With the evolution of technologies, delivery has become very easy. Quickly install a restaurant delivery application in your mobile phone, always place orders using it, and you will be delivered to your home within a specified time.

The delivery of food is always on time because the food cannot be stored for long and there is someone sitting in the house on an empty stomach.

Here are some of the advantages of online ordering and delivery services

No need to waste time visiting the restaurant

Absolutely true, when you have a smart alternative, why not use it. Research has shown that people feel comfortable having food sitting at home rather than in a restaurant. Imagine the time you waste ordering, suppose the restaurant is full and there are no more places available.
In the end, you came out with an empty and hungry stomach. If you’re with your girlfriend, it’s a real shame, because you have to look for another restaurant.

Very simple and saves you from cooking

With restaurants offering dishes for all your meals, at affordable prices, you don’t need to take the burden of cooking. Cooking is a long process, indeed, you go to the market to buy fresh ingredients, you come home to make the preparation for cooking, and an oven is necessary, and then you start cooking.
It is true that handmade foods have their own authentic taste, but home delivery allows you to avoid the burden of cooking. It is convenient that food is ordered, delivered and consumed.

In fact, it is also beneficial for seniors who do not have the energy to go to the kitchen and cook. And why not mention those who love to have breakfast in their bed. All you have to do is take the phone and place the order and have breakfast in your bed.

You can bring the restaurant experience to the location of your choice.
The weekend party, the surprise party for your parents’ birthday, maybe you have your wedding party nearby. Whatever the occasion, the local take-out method is so convenient that they also take bulk orders.

Before, for a special occasion, you needed to hire a caterer to cook the food, but now all you do is ORDER. On the other hand, if your friends want to have a party in your house, now delivery doesn’t just mean pizza, you also enjoy the taste of crispy fried chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken wings and much more.

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